The Gothic Palace

In You: I Find Myself

By C'iana

Love's Pale lips fall upon mine.
With hair like midnight's dark embrace,
And eternal eyes like autumn nights.
His soul, how deep with love for me,
Like the endless bottom of the deepest sea.
His heart, so full of joy that when he looks upon me,
I am the only light in his world.
With him, my life is full of hopes
and childlike dreams again.
Of every dawning day,
Of every waking moment,
He is all that life is to me.
One moment of silence,
And he can read my every thought.
Every little thing I do,
Makes his heart light with love in our shadowed world.
The way I smile or scream his name.
When my eyes open to the eternal darkness of the eve,
My laughter, my tears, my wonder of our world,
My very being...
How much we mean to one another
No other could fathom the depth
Our very hearts are joined as our souls.
Eternity, our world without end,
Without his passionate love,
I am not whole.
And always shall he be,
A part of my soul.

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